Things to do on Korcula Island – The Ultimate List!

A holiday to Korcula is all about enjoying the best things in life in a fantastic place surrounded by natural beauty; throw in a few great activities to keep you busy and you, like us, will never want to leave.

We run a range of fun wine & food tours on Korcula that will ensure you experience the very best of what Korcula can offer. We have also created an ultimate list of top things to do and see on Korcula (in no particular order). You may not fit them all in, but choose a few to ensure you make it a great holiday to the island! Where we can we have provided a link to further information.

Korcula Island Guide

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Top things to do on Korcula Island

Enjoy a scenic walk

Stretch your legs and appreciate the unspoilt nature on the Island of Korcula. The island is a walker’s paradise, with many simply beautiful walks and stunning hiking trails.

Choose a walking route.

Go cycling

One of the most enjoyable ways to see Korcula is by bicycle, with nice and easy routes for those out of practice, as well as plenty of hilly challenges; all leading through breathtaking scenery to great final destinations.

Choose a bike route.

Taste craft beer

All over the world, the craft beer scene is on the rise. Likewise, this is the case throughout Croatia, even Korcula. Several of the local bars offer craft beers from around the country.

Taste local wines

Visit one or more of the various wineries on Korcula to sample the delicious local wines. Korcula is famous for its white wines, in particularly Grk,  Posip and Rukatac.

Learn more about Korcula wine.

Try traditional food

There’s nowhere better to sample fresh fish and seafood than on the Dalmatian coast, as well as other mouth-watering specialities such as peka and zrnovski makaruni.

Learn more about Korcula food.

Things to do Korcula - Go for a walk

Get in and on the water

Embrace the wind and learn how to sail or windsurf around Korcula. Hire a kayak or SUP and paddle around the archipelago. Or take a boat trip and enjoy the stunning Korcula Island coastline.

Find out more outdoor activities on Korcula to enjoy

Take a road trip on the island

Korcula Island has so much more to see than just the Old Town. Make yourself mobile by renting a scooter or car and explore the less-visited villages and coastal spots on Korcula. Or hire a friendly local driver to show you the highlights.

Explore places to visit on Korcula Island.

Try liquid gold

Korcula boasts several exceptional award-winning olive oil producers. The towns of Blato & Vela Luka lay claim to the island’s best-quality oils. But almost every family on the island produces oil of their own, so the more you get to try, the better.

Sample tasty homemade olive oil on our Taste of Korcula Tours.


Sun-seekers will not be disappointed when they find themselves enjoying the sun and sea at one of the gorgeous white pebble beaches.

Read more about some of our favourite Beaches on Korcula.

Listen to live music

Numerous bars & restaurants offer live performances nightly, from modern covers to traditional Croatian folk music and the beautiful harmony of a local Klapa (a cappella) group. There’s also a range of music festivals throughout the summer.

Watch a sword dance

Marvel at the skilful sword dancers performing in the Moreska (Korcula old town) or Kumpanija (Blato, Pupnat, Smokvica or Cara) or Mostra in Zrnovo.
The Moreska is performed in Korcula Town every Thursday in June & September and every Monday and Thursday in July & August.

Explore the deep sea

The Adriatic on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast holds some of the clearest waters for scuba diving and snorkelling; with shipwrecks and over 200 species of fish.

Visit Vela Spila Cave

Visit Vela Spila at Vela Luka and learn about 20,000 years of history! Contact the Vela Luka Tourist Office to check the opening times of the cave.

Wander Korcula Old Town

Learn about the history and explore the architecture of Korcula old town with its various museums, historical buildings, numerous churches and the architectural wonder, the Cathedral of St Mark.

Contact the Korcula Tourist Office to organise a tour of the Old Town with a professional guide. Learn more about what to see and do in Korcula Old Town.

Work – but not too hard!

Get your hands dirty picking olives (October/November) or grapes (August/September) with friendly locals and enjoy a meal of domestic delights thrown in for your efforts.

Things to do Korcula - Harvest

Hike Sveti Ilija on Orebic

Take to the region’s highest peak and climb Mount Ilija above Orebic, for unparalleled views of Korcula Island and the surrounding archipelago.

Go Fish

Not the card game, but try your luck at the real McCoy! Make sure you get a license to fish or join a fishing tour.

Get a bird’s eye view

There are many opportunities to get up high to enjoy panoramic views. For example, climb the Cathedral bell tower or the Land Gate in Korcula Old Town.  

Find out where to get the best viewpoints on Korcula.

Take a day trip

Explore more of Croatia’s Dalmatian region and take a day trip to Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Mljet, Orebic or Ston.

Here are a few day trip ideas.

Watch the sunset

Make sure you catch the sunset at least once during your time on Korcula. The colours are just amazing.

Things to do Korcula - Go Fishing

Relax with a cocktail

After a day in the sun, watch the sun go down over the hills whilst enjoying your favourite cocktail at one of Korcula’s cocktail bars.

Explore one of Korcula’s archipelago

Off the main island are a few archipelagos. These can be found between Korcula Town and Lumbarda, close to Prizba and close to Vela Luka. The islets are tiny bits of paradise, ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Read more about the archipelago near Korcula Town & Lumbarda.

Visit a museum

The majority of the museums found on Korcula are history/ethnographic based. In Korcula, you can visit the town museum and the Culture Centre in Vela Luka. In Blato there is an interesting ethnographic museum in the home of a local, called Barilo.

Learn about Marco Polo

This may be a new fact to you, but some people believe Marco Polo was actually born on Korcula Island. The island certainly supports this notion and amongst other things, you can visit his supposed home and the Marco Polo Museum.

Read more stories and legends from Korcula.

Marvel at the old stone walls

Explore any part of the countryside on Korcula and you will see impressive stone walls crisscrossing their way over the hillsides. Historically they were used as vine terraces. The majority today are abandoned or used to grow olive trees. They are a truly spectacular feature.

Reasons to visit Korcula in Spring - enjoy the outdoors

Make a stop for coffee and ice cream

Now I’m not making a declaration that Korcula has the best coffee and ice cream anywhere! But drinking coffee and eating ice cream in the summer is very much part of the culture. You’ll find plenty of cafe bars to watch the passersby and ice-cream shops offering an array of tasty flavours.

Watch the Easter procession

Easter is a big celebration in Korcula. Within Korcula Town, the occasion is marked by the procession of the three brotherhoods or fraternity groups which are all linked to one of the old churches in the Old Town. It is quite moving to watch this on Good Friday as local residents follow behind singing.

Enjoy a meal at an agrotourism restaurant or konoba

If you want to try the most local flavours and tastes from Korcula Island be sure to enjoy a meal at an agrotourism restaurant or konoba. An agrotourism restaurant only serves products they grow/catch/make themselves or sourced locally. A konoba is a traditional restaurant where you can sample some authentic dishes from Korcula.

Watch a donkey race (or take part in it)!

Three times during the summer months Lumbarda hosts a donkey race. You can either cheer on the competitors or take part yourselves. You just need to register with the local tourist board. The winning prize is a whole prsut ham.

Try fresh seafood on a fisherman’s evening

Several locations on the island, such as Lumbarda and Brna, host regular fisherman evenings throughout the summer. This is a great time to try some delicious fresh fish and seafood and other homemade dishes and wine. You just pay for what you would like to eat and drink.

Things to do Korcula - Watch a sword dance

Visit the Etno House “Barilo” in Blato

A local family has turned part of their house into a living museum displaying various items from farming tools to a kitchen and bedroom embellished with old artefacts. They also sell local spirits, oils and caramelised almonds – of course, you can try them before you buy!

Read more things to do in Blato.

Dress up for Half New Year

Probably one of the best evenings in the year! Every 30 June Korcula Town is turned into a giant carnival with live music, food and drinks stalls and lots of people in fancy dress. The party continues well into the following morning with a firework display at midnight.

Explore the mystical caves at Kocje

Most of the rock on Korcula is karst and you can see some amazing rock formations at the nature park Kocje. The area is located in Zrnovo and it makes a really pleasant walk there from the village.

Read more things to do in Zrnovo.

Chink Zivjeli with a glass of rakija!

What happens with the skins after the grapes have been pressed to make wine? They are distilled and turned into brandy of course! This can be drunk neat but is usually flavoured. Such as with fruits, nuts or herbs. It can be very strong but is the typical Croatian way to greet your guests.

Snack down on Korcula’s cookies Cukarin

If you’re looking for a sweet treat be sure to try some of Korcula’s own cookies called Cukarin. They are shaped into a crescent with a hint of citrus. Other sweet delights to try include krostule, mindel, arancini and klasun. Cukarin & Skatula cake shops are the best places to try.

If you’d like to have a go making a traditional cookie/biscuit yourself, join us on one of our baking workshops.

Sample some of the island local products

We’ve already mentioned a ton of things to eat & drink on the island, but there’s more to try! Home-made jams, cakes, syrups, goat’s cheese, capers, vinegar…the list goes on. You’ll find small producers across the island and a tasting fair taking place weekly in Korcula Town. You can also find seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round.
Join us on a Taste Tour on Korcula

Visit the lighthouse in Lumbarda

From the Lumbarda vineyards, you can continue to walk to the furthest point on the east side of the island to the lighthouse at Raznjic. It is possible to swim from the rocks. It’s a lovely spot to take a picnic and just enjoy the views.

Read more about things to do in Lumbarda.

Play bocce with the locals

In almost every neighbourhood on Korcula, you will find a narrow concrete bowling alley. But this is for a game of bocce. It is related to British bowls and French petanque.

Build a sandcastle

Don’t have to be a kid to build your own fortress in the sand! Although this is a particularly good activity to do on a family holiday. Korcula Island boasts a couple of sandy beaches in Lumbarda. So buckets and spades at the ready!

Read more activities to enjoy with the kids on Korcula.

What things are you looking forward to doing on Korcula? Let us know in the comments below.

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