For us, the great thing about Korcula is its concentration of the landscapes and beautiful surroundings. For example, you can stand upon the green wooded peaks for the stunning views of the Adriatic. Or you can wander amongst the fertile plains with their stone-walled olive groves and rolling vineyards. You can find red-roofed settlements scattered all across the island. These can be found on the hills, in the valleys or in quaint fishing villages skirting the coastline. When you find yourself at the crystal clear waters of a white pebble beach you’ll truly appreciate where you are.

Below we have provided a short description of the main villages and towns on Korcula.

Things to do on Korcula - Climb the revelin or bell town in Korcula

Korcula Old Town

Projecting into the tranquil Adriatic Sea, on the tip of a small peninsula, is the beautiful old town. Stroll along the well worn paved streets. Marvel at the ancient protective stone walls and towers. Be in awe of the architectural masterpieces that are preserved in this medieval town. Then after exploring the treasures of Korcula Old Town, relax in the evening sun and listen to the local live music.

Things to do on Korcula - Enjoy countryside walks in Zrnovo


Set in the hills four kilometres from Korcula town lays a collection of small hamlets that make up Zrnovo. Wandering around you will feel like you have stepped back in time, in this rural and rustic setting. You can sense the communal spirit throughout the grey stone dwellings with their terracotta roofs and paved courtyards. Zrnovo is also home to the island’s only craft brewery. The nearby bays of Zrnovska Banja and Vrbovica provide great coastal accommodation. The nearby beaches on the south of the island such as Pavja Luka are idyllic secluded swimming spots.


Having spent many a day exploring Lumbarda, we consider the best way to take in the beautiful scenery is either by bicycle or on foot. There are not many steep slopes to contend with as the landscape is flat and rolling. Through the sprawling vineyards, you can make your way to one of its main sandy beaches, stopping at any of the numerous wineries where the proud owners are keen for you to sample some of Croatia’s finest wines. The village has many places to stay and is particularly great for a family holiday.

Things to do on Korcula - Take a walk around Racisce


Racisce is one of our favourite villages on Korcula. It is a lovely fishing village with sea-faring inhabitants, which sits in a large sheltered bay with a backdrop of imposing green hills. You can easily cycle to Racisce from Korcula old town, as the route follows a low lying road, which meanders along the coastline for about 12km through scenic seaside settlements. Walking up and around the hills of Racisce, provides some of the best views on Korcula.

Things to do on Korcula - Visit Bacva Beach


The highest point on the Island of Korcula is located near one of the island’s oldest settlements, the village of Pupnat. This village is typical of Korcula, with its church and old stone houses. The stunning and Korcula Island’s much-revered beach of Pupnatska Luka is 6km away and the journey there provides breathtaking views of the island’s coastline and neighbouring islands of Mljet and Lastovo. Bacva is another beautiful bay located a short drive from Pupnat.

Things to do on Korcula - Taste Posip wine in Smokvica


Built on the south slope of a hill that has views over large fertile fields covered by vineyards, sits this quiet and beautiful village. The people of Cara are typically occupied in producing wine, the most prominent being the white wine grape Posip, one of Croatia’s most famous wines…which we can not help but consume on a regular basis, such is it’s quality! You will not regret visiting the wine cellar of a local producer whilst in Cara and trying a glass or two from a barrel. A couple of kilometres from Cara is the pretty coastal village of Zavalatica and the stunning Zitna beach.

Things to do on Korcula - Taste Posip wine in Smokvica


Smokvica sits on a steep slope of the hillside overlooking hectares of vineyards that form a strip from east to west. As if placed there by the gods to absorb the sun’s rays, the ripened grapes produce some of the finest and most famous wines on Korcula. The beautiful landscape and the local Toreta Wine Museum makes Smokvica a stop in paradise for any wine lover. The nearby bays of Brna and Istruga provide tranquil spots to swim and bathe.

Things to do on Korcula - Visit Blato park


The shape of an amphitheatre is created by the hills on which the picturesque village of Blato was built. As you approach from the east along the main road, you pass under a bowed alley of lime trees called Zlinj and are led to a pretty park area and a number of historical buildings and churches, such as a fine Baroque loggia (stone pillar building). The nearby holiday resorts in the bay of Grscica and Prizba are wonderful places to swim and relax in.

Vela Luka

At the furthest point west on Korcula, is the harbour town of Vela Luka, home to many shipbuilders and fishermen and fantastic producers of olive oil. Located near the centre are the caves of Vela Spila and the archaeological finds found here are housed in the fascinating Cultural Museum. After absorbing the facts, you can take a short taxi boat from the shoreline to the tiny but absolutely beautiful islands of Proizd or Ošjak, to enjoy the perfect Croatian climate.


The islets at the east end of the Island of Korcula, collective known as the Skoji Archipelago, can easily be reached by kayak or taxi boat from Korcula and Lumbarda and offer you several opportunities to sun yourself away from the main island. Exploring these islets can be great fun as they all have an easy terrain and some spectacular and secluded spots to take to the water. The only inhabited island is Vrnik, where peaceful holiday apartments can be rented.

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