Top Bike Rides & Cycling Routes on Korcula [Update 2024]

In recent years there has been a boom in cycling tours to Croatia and you will find plenty of cycling routes on Korcula. It is very popular for people to hire bikes on their holiday and explore some of the island on two wheels. There are varied routes and levels of difficulty, so no matter your experience you will find something to suit. There’s something about having the wind in your hair as you peddle by the sea that creates fab summer holiday memories!

Below we have listed some of our favourite cycling routes on Korcula. We’ll keep this list updated as we explore and find new rides to share with you.

Cycling on Korcula – Getting Started

You’ll often be far away from amenities during your cycle ride, so be sure to take enough snacks and water with you.

Bikes can be rented from tourist and travel agencies in the main towns and villages. You can rent by the hour or by the day at a reasonable cost. It is around 15 euros for a day’s rent. Locks, puncture repair kits and helmets should also be available. It is possible to rent e-bikes, although check in advance if these are suitable to use off-road as mountain bikes, as some of them are not. It is possible to rent children’s bikes and small helmets.

There are not many bikes lanes on the island so unless you are following an off-road trail, you will likely be riding along with the cars. As cycling has become increasingly popular in Croatia, motorists have become more accommodating to cyclists on the roads. However, don’t always assume you will have right of way, so just take extra care when cycling on the road.

If you are visiting Korcula during the summer months and are planning on a bike ride, think carefully about what time you head out and what you take with you. Temperatures can exceed 30 degrees in July and August. Start your ride early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Make sure you take all the essential sun safety gear such as hats, sunglasses, suntan lotion and extra water.

You can pick up a map from an agency or tourist office. The most popular and main cycling routes on Korcula are marked by coloured circles or dashes on the ground or with official brown signposts. For some rides, it may be more about following your senses in the right direction!

Korcula Town to Lumbarda

Approx. Distance: 12km (return trip to/from the centre)
: Easy-Moderate

See route on Google Map.

This is one of the easiest and most direct cycling routes you can take. There is a cycle path along part of the main road between the suburb of Sveti Antun and Lumbarda. You can either take this road directly all the way there or can take a few detours around Donje Blato (head past Sveti Antun Church) or Gornje Blato (head up past Konoba Maslina). If you take the detours you’ll pass through some scenic areas of farmlands, vineyards and olive groves.

There are a couple of hills to contend with, even if you go the direct route along the main road. Make sure you take the “easy” way from Korcula Town behind the bus station and along Setaliste Tina Ujevica road. Don’t take the main road up the huge hill that passes the Tommy supermarket.

Once in Lumbarda you can visit one of its fantastic beaches, stop at a local winery or take a further ride out to the lighthouse.

Our self-guided cycling tour from Korcula to Lumbarda provides some helpful information, tips and a map. It includes some extra routes you can take. It is a fun thing to do alone, as a couple or as a family.

Cycling on Korcula - Easy Bike Ride

Korcula Town to Racisce (and optionally to Vaja or Samograd Beach)

Approx. Distance: 24km (return trip to/from the centre)
: Moderate

See route in Google Map.

This is a moderate route as it doesn’t involve any serious uphill pedalling. The winding road you follow stays close to the sea so you get some fantastic views along your route. Passing through a number of smaller villages such as Žrnovska Banja or Kneža, you can stop off for refreshments at one of the local restaurants or pick up some reserves at the small local supermarket in Racisce.  The peaceful fishing village of Racisce is a welcoming destination and offers some great swimming spots should you wish to cool off after your cycle.

If you want to cycle further, you can visit one of the breathtaking beaches in Racisce. From the village follow the steep hill west and then take the first track on your left through the grapes and olive groves to Samograd or right to Vaja. You can get to Vaja in less than 10 minutes and to Samograd in a little over 10 minutes. The road to Vaja is easier as the road to Samograd involves a few short steep inclines on some stony terrain.

If heading to Vaja, just follow the road to the end. Then scramble down to your right where you will find the beach. If heading to Samograd you’ll need to take the smaller trail just before the road bends sharply to the right.

Korcula to Defora beaches (Orlandusa, Pavja Luka or Rasohatica)

Approx. Distance: Between 14-16km (round-trip)
: Hard

See route on Google Maps.

There are 3 beaches highly worth visiting in the Defora region, which is located on the south side of the island. These are Orlandusa, Pavja Luka and Rasohatica. Each is a small pebble beach in a truly secluded spot. These bays are quieter than the main beaches on Korcula due to their remoteness. If you visit outside of the main season, you will likely have them all to yourself!

This is more of a hard-core pedal with tougher and steeper hills in parts. You will need to first cycle to Zrnovo village (word of warning, it is all uphill from Korcula!). It is also roughly the same distance to Rasohatica beach via Lumbarda village. To reach any of the bays, you need to go all the way down off the main track, which means coming back up! The free-wheeling down is fun, but the cycle up (or in my case pushing the bike up) isn’t so easy or rewarding.

There is a small restaurant near Pavja Luka called Simunovo, which serves rustic-style meals. It is probably advisable to call ahead to check if they are open. Or you can take a packed lunch with you.

Cycling on Korcula - Ride to Defora beaches

Posip Path

Approx. Distance: 10km (loop trip)
: Easy

See route on Google Map.

There are a number of trails zigzagging between the vineyards in Smokvica, ideal for both walking and cycling. The trails spread between the bays of Zavalatica and Brna. Here winemakers have been growing the local grape sort, Posip for many years. It was indeed in these fields that the Posip wine was first found and you can visit the monument plaque commemorating this along the Posip Path.

You will see an official brown sign marking the Posip Path along the main road. If you turn off onto the Posip Path it is then possible to do a loop around which passes the commemorative plaque and the old castle of Kanavelic, who was an important and wealthy inhabitant of the island.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should end your cycle ride by calling into one of the small wineries in Smokvica to try the delicious Posip wine. The Google Map route we’ve included is around 10 km in total and ends at Toreta Winery. However, you can make this walk longer or shorter.

You can see some more information and photos about the Posip Path here.

Korcula Island Guide

Would you like more insider tips and recommendations about Korcula Island? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide packed full of information so that you can plan and enjoy a truly memorable holiday on Korcula. Click here to download your copy.

Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

Have we missed any of your favourite cycling routes on Korcula? Let us know in the comments below.

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