Best Beaches on Korcula Island

Korcula is blessed with many beautiful secluded bays, pebble beaches and clear blue sea, providing plenty of opportunities to swim and snorkel.

Where can you swim on Korcula?

In a short answer, you can swim anywhere you see the sea! The water clarity is fantastic, so wherever you can get into the sea, you are free to swim.

The island’s most stunning beaches (in our opinion) are more remote and reachable by driven transport only or for the active traveller, by bike. If you are not travelling by car or do not plan to rent a car or scooter during your holiday on Korcula, ask us about a driven island tour with a local driver, which can include a stop at your chosen beach.

The more popular beaches and those located close to a centre of the town or village can be reached by public transport and foot, such as the sandy beaches in Lumbarda or Vaja in the village of Racisce. The bus route connects the main towns & villages on the island and the full timetables can be seen on the Arriva website.

When is it warm enough to swim on Korcula?

Traditionally the first day of summer is on May 1st, which is a national holiday here on Croatia. Personally I still find it a little too cold to swim then! However by late May the sea is at a good temperature to swim. It is still possible to swim in September, as the sea has been heated by the sun all summer. It is even possible to swim into October and in some particularly hot years as late as November. The average sea temperatures between June and September are between 22 – 25 degree centigrade.

Top Tip!

Many of the beaches on Korcula and across Croatia in general are pebble or rocky. You do not find many sandy beaches. Having a pair of rubber soled shoes will protect your feet whilst walking on the beach. They will also provide some protection against the spiky urchins you’ll find in the sea. It’s actually a sign of high quality water as they only live in clean sea!

Below is a list of some of our favourite beaches on Korcula Island.

Bacva Bay near Pupnat

This small pebble bay with clear azure waters is typical of the beautiful beaches that Korcula boasts. It’s a “comfortable-to-lie-on” pebble beach and there are a few sun loungers available to hire via the bay restaurant. Due to its remote location, you will need to drive here, or let us organise you a return transfer there. Located about 13 km from Korcula, head towards Pupnat taking the road on the left before the village, signposting to the bay. The road winds down to this stunning sheltered bay. There is a small restaurant here serving grilled meats and mouth-watering fresh fish & seafood. There is also a large house available to rent in Bacva bay. This would be perfect for a relaxed family or friend holiday.

Beaches on Korcula - Bacva

Bilin Zal & Prvi Zal, Lumbarda

The sandy beaches in Lumbarda, called Bilin Zal, Przina and Tatinja, are the perfect place to take children; with no risk of them hurting themselves on rocks or urchins and shallow waters for them to play in. Of course, it’s also lots of fun for them (and the adults) to build sandcastles! There is cafe-bar/restaurant at each beach. Lumbarda is just 6km from Korcula and there are regular buses during the day between the two towns or water taxis. Lumbarda is also a fantastic place to stay and you’ll find a number of apartments and a couple of hotels to choose from. It is a great choice for a family or relaxing holiday.

It is also a fun bike ride from Korcula. Our self guided cycling tour to Lumbarda includes a stop at Przina and details about Bilin Zal.

Beaches on Korcula - Sandy beaches Lumbarda Przina
Photo Credit: Lumbarda Tourist Board

Korcula Archipelago

Lying off the coast between Korcula Town and Lumbarda, just poking out on the sea are 20 tiny islets known as the Skoji Islets. Either hop on board a water taxi or be captain for the day and hire a boat and take a trip to one of these delightful islets. Venture to Badija and Vrnik for pebble beaches to relax on and plenty of much-needed shade under the fir trees, or Stupe for some great snorkeling opportunities. Another option is to marvel at the islets from afar, which can be enjoyed as part of an archipelago boat trip. There are restaurants located on each of the main islets.

Beaches on Korcula - Stupe
Photo Credit: Aerial Croatia

Vaja, Racisce

By far our most favourite beach on Korcula – Vaja! Every time we stand at the top of the hill and look down at the beach, our faces light up! It’s a typical Croatian pebble beach and is about a 15 – 20 minutes walk from Racisce. Follow the main road up the steep hill out of the village. After you reach the end of the tarmac road, take the path off to the right to the beach (caution, the path is steep). The water at Vaja beach is so clear and fantastic for snorkeling. There is a small shack-bar for refreshments or to rent sun umbrellas.

Beaches on Korcula - Vaja

Prizba near Blato

Prizba is a pretty coastal resort located on the west of Korcula Island, approximately 10 kilometers from Blato, with very clear blue and warm sea. There is a small pebble beach to lounge on and many rocky bathing spots, usually privately connected to holiday rental apartments which line the coastline. There is a supermarket and a couple of restaurants/cafe-bars in Prizba. As there is no public transport to Prizba you would need to drive here or how about stopping here during a Korcula Island Tour.

Beaches on Korcula Island - Prizba Beach

Pupnatska Luka near Pupnat

Deservedly popular, Pupnatska Luka is a beautiful & deep pebble beach located a few kilometres from the village of Pupnat. The best way to reach Pupnatska Luka beach is by car/scooter (you must pay for parking) or we can arrange a private return transfer there. The deep bay keeps it well sheltered making it family friendly.  There is a restaurant selling grilled meats, seafood, fish and salads and a bar selling cold drinks and more snack style food. You can also hire kayaks, sun loungers and umbrellas at Pupnatska Luka (which you may need as there isn’t much natural shade there).

Korcula Beaches - Pupnatska Luka

Pavja Luka, Orlandusa & Rasohatica, Defora

Secluded, beautiful & tranquil, these three pebble beaches are reachable by bike/foot or car and most easily via Zrnovo and are located on the south coast of Korcula. The water here at Pavja Luka, Orlandusa and Rasohatica are very warm and very still, as the bays are well protected. The closest village is Zrnovo, where you can buy food and refreshments as there are no shops/restaurants on the beaches. There is a fantastic restaurant not too far away from Orlandusa beach and Pavja Luka beach called Simunovo.

Beaches on Korcula - Orlandusa in Defora
Photo credit: Fjaka

Zitna near Zavalatica

With warm azure water to swim and snorkel in, the small pebble beach at Zitna next to the Bay of Zavalatica is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing day during your holiday to Korcula. The colour of the sea at Zitna is an amazing blend of blues and greens. The sea-bed is mostly sandy which makes the colour so unique, although the beach is pebble. Pass through Cara and head down to Zavalatica following the road above the bay. Leave the car and take the track 5 minutes walk down to the beach. There are no amenities at the beach, but you can pick up supplies at the supermarket in Zavalatica, where you will also find a local restaurant/bar. There is even a holiday house right on Zitna beach. What a cool place to stay!

Things to do on Korcula Island - Visit the beautiful Zitna beach

Proizd Island, near Vela Luka

Some people will tell you the best beaches are to be found on the small island of Proizd, located a short boat trip from the shores of Vela Luka. There’s 4 main areas to swim, one of which is a nudist beach, with slates of rock sloping into the memorising turquoise sea or white pebbles reflecting the sun. There’s a restaurant on the islet and it’s reachable from taxi boats departing from Vela Luka.

Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

If you don’t have transport to reach the more remote beaches, you could include a visit as part of a Korcula Island tour or arrange a private transfer by taxi.

How many beaches have you been to on Korcula Island? What’s your favourite beach on Korcula Island? Let us know in the comments below.

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