Souvenirs from Korcula: What to buy

It’s always nice to bring back a memory from your holiday or pick up a few souvenirs to share with your friends and family when you get home. 

Some of the best souvenirs from Korcula Island are local food & drink products including wine, olive oil, honey or jams. There are also some excellent art & craft products including filigree jewellery, paintings, home-made bags and clothes. Other souvenirs include items made from natural ingredients such as lavender products or cosmetic products. 

Local produce

There is an abundance of natural resources on Korcula Island that are turned into yummy edible produce. The most common are wine and olive oil which you can buy from various places on the island. It is best to buy wine directly from the winery (you can read more about wines from Korcula here) or from a wine shop. Olive oil, again where possible, purchase directly from a producer and make sure you buy it fresh (ideally within a year old). 

Other local produce you can buy as souvenirs includes honey, jams and preserves using seasonal fruits such as fig and orange and traditional sweets including sugared almonds and sugared fruit peel called arancini. 

One of the most recent and on-trend products to be made on Korcula is gin. Using local ingredients, the artisanal gin is delicious and makes a great souvenir to take back home. 

If packaged well, so that you can transport them home with you, there are several types of sweet biscuits and cakes that are authentic from the island. The most famous is cukarin, a crescent-shaped biscuit with a hint of citrus. Other sweet delights to try include krostule, mindel, arancini and klasun. Or if you fancy having a go baking one yourself, come and join us on one of our new tours for 2023, which includes a cooking workshop and tastings. All the details are here.

Recommendations of places to buy


Any winery

Wine Shop Dionysus (Near the east port, just outside of the old town)

Wine Corner (Korcula Town)

Olive Oil: 

Frane and Fanito Delikates shop (Korcula Old Town)

OPG Jerolim (Vela Luka)

OPG Anica Bazika (Lumbarda)

Honey & Gin:

OPG Komparak (Sveti Antun, outskirts of Korcula Town)

Jams & sweet goods:

OPG Komparak (Sveti Antun, outskirts of Korcula Town)

OPG Jerolim (Vela Luka)

OPG Anica Bazika (Lumbarda)

Biscuits & cakes

Skatula (Sveti Antun, outskirts of Korcula Town)

Cukarin (Korcula Town)

We visit a number of wineries and local producers on our tours, where you have the opportunity to purchase any products should you wish. See all the tour details here

Photo credit: OPG Komparak

Filigree jewellery

A very special kind of jewellery is crafted on Korcula, fine silver filigree. It is made from thin strands of silver, delicately and intrinsically bent, twisted and overlapped to create beautiful designs. There’s no better place to learn more about the traditional filigree than at Seba Dizajn in Korcula Old Town. They sell handmade, beautiful silver filigree jewellery, which you can watch being made in-store. It is important to consider how many hours of work are put into creating a piece, so if you find filigree jewellery in other shops and the price is low, it’s unlikely handmade. 

Locally-made bags and clothes

There are many creative people on the island who have used their skills to make unique Croatian souvenirs including bespoke bags and clothes. You can find the more mainstream shops selling nautical-themed and summer clothes, but make sure you visit the individual designers and crafters to support local businesses.

Bags by Kristina (Korcula Old Town) – This shop sells homemade and unique bags using images of Korcula Island. Perfect if you are looking for a one-off fashion piece of fantastic quality. 

Electric Ladyland Design Shop (Korcula Old Town) Pick up a stylish and cool piece of clothing from Croatian designers. 

Cosmetic products

Essential oils, soaps, and balms are just a few of the beauty products using natural island ingredients such as olive oil and herbs, that you can buy as souvenirs from Korcula. 

Croatica Naturolo (Korcula Old Town) – Authentic Croatian products ranging from edible items to natural cosmetics. 

OPG Jerolim (Vela Luka) – As well as the edible products they have on offer, you can also find incredible natural beauty products including soaps, soothing oils and shampoo. 

Photo credit: Seba Dizajn

Stone items

The island has a long-standing tradition of stone quarrying and stonemasonry. You can purchase stone-made items from some of the markets. Although not always made on the island, they are authentic souvenirs from Croatian and representative of island culture. Items include decorative pieces such as small sailing boats and practical objects such as a pestle and mortar. 


Lavender grows extensively across Croatia, growing alongside other fragrant Mediterranean shrubs and herbs. The aroma of lavender is very calming, and the oil has healing properties often used in aromatherapy. You can purchase small bottles of lavender essential oils and small packets of dried lavender flowers – easy to take home as thoughtful souvenirs from Korcula. 

Photo credit: OPG Jerolim


You can find very beautiful and unique art pieces from a number of art studios and galleries on Korcula. This includes paintings, glassware and ceramics. 

Akvaral Art Gallery (Korcula Old Town)Our favourite art gallery from the many around town, Akvaral offers a selection of great pieces all produced by local and regional artists. 

Villa Villekulla Salon & Workshop (Korcula Town) – This place located close to the bus station sells a wonderful range of homemade gifts from skilful hand-painted glassware and porcelain to jewellery. 


Kutak Knjiga (Korcula Town)“Book Corner” is an international bookshop selling both new and second books. English books are available as well as a host of other languages including Croatian (of course), German, Spanish and French. You can find work by local authors as well as contemporary and classical literature. Kutak Kniga also sells maps, guide books and books about local traditions. So whether you have finished your beach read and need a replacement book, or are interested in local literature, this is the place to head to.

I hope this has given you some ideas for souvenirs from Korcula – you just need to make sure you leave enough room in your suitcase!

Korcula Island Guide

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