Where to stay on Korcula? [Update 2024]

Planning a holiday to the island and can’t decide where to stay on Korcula? Use this overview guide to help you pick the perfect spot. 

Korcula Island is around 46 kilometres in length and averages 8 kilometres in width. Therefore its size makes it easy to reach everywhere. There are three main towns – Vela Luka, Korcula Town and Blato. In between are several small inland villages such as Smokvica and several coastal villages such as Lumbarda. There are also a number of small bays which are popular holiday spots such as Zrnovska Banja and Prizba.

Types of accommodation on Korcula Island

Deciding on what type of accommodation you want to stay in will affect where to stay on Korcula. For example, you will not find hotels everywhere.

Across Croatia in recent years, there has been a lot of investment in hotel accommodation. I’d still say hotels are a bit of a mixed bag on the island. There are some good hotel options particularly in and around Korcula Town. This includes the stylish decorated The Fabris – Luxury Inn (see more details) and Hotel Korsal (see further information) which is located just opposite the main town beach.

Many visitors to the island choose to stay in private accommodation in the form of rooms, apartments, houses and villas. If you look at AirBnB or Booking.com you will find plenty of options. There are several benefits of choosing private accommodation over a hotel. This includes: being better value, more space, more likely to have an outside area (balcony/terrace) and sea-views and it gives you the option to self-cater. 

If you prefer to camp there are several options on the island, as well as on the nearby Peljesac peninsula. Wild camping (or camping of any form outside of an official campsite) is prohibited in Croatia – mainly due to the risk of fire. 

Things to do on Korcula - Take a walk around Racisce

Best place to stay on Korcula for Transportation

The main transportation links are from Vela Luka and Korcula so people travelling without transportation or staying for a shorter period of time tend to base themselves in one of these locations. 

Recommended places to stay

One of the homeliest of apartments in Korcula Old Town with the loveliest of owners, a stay at Leut Apartment provides the perfect base to explore the town and further afield. See more details

Boutique rooms Kastel Ismaeli in Vela Luka is conveniently located and provides beautifully presented 4* rooms and impeccable service. See more details.

Best place to stay on Korcula for access to the Sea 

Truthfully you are never that far from the sea on Korcula Island! If you specifically want a beach/seaside holiday saying in one of the coastal bays is a good option. Larger bays where there are close by facilities include Prizba, Brna and Zavalitica.

Closer to Korcula Town you could stay in Zrnovska Banja or Vrbovica. For even more remote locations Bacva or Zitna may be an option (there are very limited options at both of these places). There are also many small bays around Vela Luka such as Tri Luka.  If you’re for sandy beaches, Lumbarda is where you should stay!

Recommended places to stay

A relatively new complex built in Zrnovska Banja, Korcula Hill provides top-quality apartments and many onsite amenities including a tennis court, swimming pool and beach bar. See more details.

Planning a large group holiday with the ultimate focus being on chilling out? Then the not so imaginatively named Waterfront Villa with Pool will provide nothing but a memorable holiday. See more details.

See more information about bays on Korcula Island

Photo by Korcula Hill

Best place to stay on Korcula for a Family

The main criteria I think when choosing where to stay on Korcula for a family holiday is: proximity to transportation, nearby beaches, entertainment and amenity options, dining facilities (including whether you want to self cater or eat out). For that reason I would say the better places to stay for a family vacation on Korcula Island are Korcula Town, Lumbarda and Vela Luka. There are also some fantastic villa and private house options with swimming pools in the small bays – if you do have a car and are planning on self-catering more.

Recommended places to stay

If you’re looking for resort accommodation on Korcula with restaurants, swimming pools and amenities on-site, as well as spacious apartments offering self-catering options, Port 9 located in Korcula Town is an excellent option. See more information.

The Sunshine Apartments in Lumbarda provide everything you need – outdoor space, self-catering facilities, a swimming pool and close the sea. See more details.

In a wonderful spot close to the sea, Holiday Home Bili Zal is a 2 bedroom apartment with a sofa-bed to sleep an extra one, ideal for a family stay in Vela Luka. See further details.

Planning a big family getaway and need plenty of room and a swimming pool to keep the kids entertained? This beautiful Villa in Lumbarda has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a pool. See further details.

Need some family activity ideas on Korcula Island? See Things to do with the kids on Korcula

Best place to stay on Korcula for Rural 

If you’re looking to spend your holiday in nature, head inland and stay at one of the island villages – Smokvica, Cara, Pupnat, Zrnovo. You’ll be able to enjoy nature walks and hikes whilst never being too far from the sea should you need a dip to cool down. These villages are connected by bus (the line runs between Korcula Town and Vela Luka). 

Recommended place to stay

You’ll get relaxation, quiet and nature whilst staying at Apartment Manna in Zrnovo and nowhere better to enjoy that than from the garden patio. See more details.

Best place to stay on Korcula for Peace

In all honesty, Korcula Island is generally quite a peaceful island. Korcula Town in summer can get busy though, so if you’re looking to avoid the crowds this wouldn’t be the best choice. The inland villages provide people-free relaxation as well as many of the small bays dotted around the island. The village of Racisce would also provide an idyllic peaceful retreat. 

Recommended places to stay

Located directly on the sea, with a large jacuzzi, easy parking and free boat mooring, this serene and secluded luxury villa in the quaint village of Racisce provides everything you need for a relaxing break on Korcula Island. See more details.

Imagine waking up to sea views before taking just 5 steps to the beach. That can be your reality with a stay at Apartments Korta in Racisce. See more details.

Just before Racisce is the bay of Kneze which equally provides peace and tranquillity. Sleeping from 2 to 4 people Fei Fei apartments offers a swimming pool, a private beach and a BBQ area. What else do you need!? See further details.

Best place to stay on Korcula for Hiking

If you are looking for a more active holiday, some of the best hiking options can be found around Zrnovo and Vela Luka. There are many excellent places to visit on foot in Zrnovo including Kocje and the return walk to Pupnat along the old Napoleon road. In Vela Luka you can hike to the top of Hum for spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding area. 

Recommended places to stay

The beautifully renovated Stone House Harmony in Zrnovo will provide a relaxing retreat after enjoying walking and hiking around the village. See further information.

Enjoy hiking in Vela Luka during a stay at these modern-style apartments with a sea view and balcony. See more details.

Need some ideas about where to hike on Korcula Island? See walking & hiking on Korcula.

Accommodation options by location

Korcula Town

The most popular place to stay on Korcula, so accommodation prices are the highest in Korcula Town. An excellent option for short stays as well as access to transportation, activities in the Old Town and restaurants. It’s also possible to make many day trips from Korcula Town for example to Mljet Island, the Peljesac Peninsula (to wineries and Ston) and the Korcula archipelago islets such as Badija and Vrnik. 

Recommended place to stay

If you’re looking to stay somewhere in Korcula Town with one of the best views, look no further than Premier View Apartments. Your host Nikola is also an all-round great guy! See more details.

Our tips about where to stay in Korcula Town

More information about staying in and what to do in Korcula Town

Things to do Korcula - explore the Old Town


If you want easy access to almost everything you need on holiday – beaches, restaurants, evening activities, Lumbarda is a wonderful choice. It’s also particularly popular with families due to its convenience and sandy beaches which are more children friendly. The village does a great job of putting on fun events throughout the summer. There are buses and water taxes between Korcula Town and Lumbarda. You can also connect to the Archipelago from Lumbarda and take day trips to Mljet. 

Recommended place to stay

The White House in Lumbarda offers tastefully decorated one-bedroom self-catering holiday apartments set in a stunning location overlooking ‘Grk’ producing vineyards & lush Mediterranean countryside, boasting panoramic views over Lumbarda to the Adriatic Sea.

Barbaresko Apartment in Lumbarda is in a wonderful location, in easy reach to the beach, shops and restaurants as well as having amazing sea views from the private balcony. See more information.

If you plan to visit Korcula in a group and looking for a touch of luxury, the newly opened Villa Hera in Lumbarda, with an abundance of indoor and outdoor space as well as a swimming pool, will provide you with a rejuvenating retreat! See further details.

More information about staying in and what to do in Lumbarda


If you’re looking for peace and quiet and access to some of the most beautiful beaches on Korcula Island, I’d highly recommend Racisce. You’re not going to find an abundance of activities away here or many dining options. However for an authentic island feel and to be surrounded by nature, the village is perfect. There are buses from the village to Korcula Town and local boat trip options.  

Recommended place to stay

For the ultimate luxury experience, look no further than the High View penthouse in Racisce. It rests just four meters from the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and includes a huge jacuzzi.

It’s quite possible if you stay at The View in Racisce you may never want to leave! Spend lazy days on the sun terrace and the private beach. See further info.

More information about staying in and what to do in Racisce


If you’d like to combine a rural stay close to beaches and the centre of Korcula, you don’t need to look any further than Zrnovo. There are plenty of walking and hiking options around the village as well as some great traditional restaurants. Although you will need some form of transportation to get there (or a long walk), the beaches in the Defora region located close by are heavenly.

Recommended place to stay

The Mario (RADE) apartment in Zrnovo oozes rustic charm and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is a wonderful place for an authentic island feel. See more details.

More information about staying in and what to do in Zrnovo


This is one of the oldest and smallest villages on the island. Pupnat boasts excellent hiking and biking trails, a fabulous restaurant called Konoba Mate and is close to the best-known beach on Korcula Island – Pupnatska Luka. If you’re looking for a more “off-the-beaten” track peaceful location, Pupnat is ideal. 

Recommended place to stay

There are very few places available to stay in Pupnat, and those available are usually more basic, but perfect if you want to stay somewhere quiet and peaceful. You can find many apartments and villas to rent in the close by bay of Kneza.

This 2-bedroom apartment in Pupnat has a larger terrace which includes a hammock where you can lounge around during the hazy summer days. See further information.

More information about staying in and what to do in Pupnat


If you’re planning on exploring the whole of Korcula Island, Smokvica is located almost right in the middle so it’s a very convenient spot to stay. As well as this convenience there are also several excellent walking and biking trails around the village as well as many fantastic wineries and vineyards. It’s a couple of kilometres to the nearest beach, but if you have transportation you can reach everywhere you need to quickly. 

Recommended place to stay

This 3 bedroom family-friendly apartment in Smokvica includes a private terrace providing beautiful views of the village and a swimming pool. See further details.

More information about staying in and what to do in Smokvica


This again is a very quiet village, with not that much going on. It’s in a central location to explore the island, however, most people tend to stay in the neighbouring bay of Zavalatica. There are a number of wineries in the village which you can visit and it’s a pleasant stroll around the Posip vineyards. 

Recommended place to stay

You will not find many places to stay in Cara, however, Zavalatica bay offers lots of wonderful apartment options. See a full selection here

More information about staying in and what to do in Cara


Blato is one of the least tourist-centric places on the island and although is an interesting place to visit, may not be the most ideal place to stay for a holiday. From the town, you are close to some lovely bays such as Prizba and Karbuni where you will find an excellent selection of waterfront apartments. 

Recommended place to stay

Head to the wonderful Prizba bay and stay at one the Zal apartments. You’re a stone’s throw from the sea and can enjoy al-fresco meals on the balcony/terrace. They have apartments sleeping from 2 to 5 people. See more information.

More information about staying in and what to do in Blato

Vela Luka

Similar to Korcula Town, Vela Luka offers many activities, restaurants and transport links including to Split, Lastovo and the stunningly beautiful Proizd Island. There are good hiking options around the town and sights of interest such as Vela Spila cave. Some of the best olive oil is produced in the area and you can visit several small family producers for tastings around Vela Luka. 

Recommended place to stay

Enjoy the best of Vela Luka during a stay at the Frlan Apartments. From the terrace, you can admire views of the town and surrounding olive trees. See more information.

More information about staying in and what to do in Vela Luka

We hope this has been helpful for you to decide where to stay on Korcula Island.

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