Beautiful Bays on Korcula Island

Dotted around the coast of Korcula Island are a number of small bays. As well as being beautiful beach locations, they are also idyllic places to stay with many providing holiday accommodation.

Which Bays on Korcula can you Stay?

Staying in a bay on Korcula will provide you with more tranquility than staying in a town such as Vela Luka. Amenities will be more limited, so for example there may only be one or two restaurants close by and a small supermarket. But the biggest benefit will be that you will be a stone’s throw from the sea!

Some of the larger bays with more amenities and accommodation options include Medvinjak and Zrnovska Banja (which are close to Korcula Town) and Prizba (which is close to Blato). If you would prefer an even quieter location, Vrbovica or Zitna would be perfect.

You can search for available accommodation near some of Korcula Bays here.

How to travel to Bays on Korcula?

If you are planning on staying at one of the bays on Korcula, you may consider renting a car which will make it easier to travel around the island. However if you are looking to stay close by the bay throughout your holiday, you can just rely on public transport. If you don’t have transport to reach the more remote bays, you could include a visit as part of a Korcula Island tour or arrange private transfer by taxi.

Below you can find a list of some of the bays you can search out or stay at.


Located an easy 15-20 minute walk along the coast from Korcula is the highly desirable bay of Medvinjak. This is a great holiday location as there are many self-contained apartments with terraces, which have fantastic sea views and views of the Peljesac mountains. Medvinjak is a peaceful hamlet set on on a hillside, leading down to a small pebble beach as well as several secluded spots to bathe and swim along the shore-line. About 20 minutes walk from Medvinjak you can also reach the quiet bays of Vrbovica and Zrnovska Banja. There are several restaurants in either direction. Medvinjak is easily accessible by foot and buses running regularly between Korcula and Racisce stop here.

Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

Zrnovska Banja

Zrnovska Banja is a very picturesque and quiet bay located approximately 2 kilometres from Korcula Old Town. There is a small supermarket and a few traditional restaurants in and around the bay. Zrnovska Banja is a large bay and has a few pebble and rocky beaches, surrounded by calm sea to swim in. It is located close to Vrbovica Bay, which also provides a great place to swim and bathe. The village of Zrnovo is a short walk from the bay where there are a number of good walking trails, restaurants and supermarkets. There is a bus that runs regularly during the day, to Racisce or Korcula, stopping at Zrnovska Banja. Walking takes about 30 – 40 minutes along the coastal road via Medvinjak. Alternative transport such as bikes, scooters and cars can all be hired in Korcula.


Located 5 kilometres from Korcula, is the picturesque and quiet bay of Vrbovica. Apart from a few houses, the bay’s natural beauty is unspoilt. The brilliant blue sea is kept warm and calm as the bay is sheltered either side by hills covered with green firs. Here you can find peace and relaxation. There is a small cafe-bar/restaurant at the main beach in front of the camp-site. There are also a few restaurants and a supermarket situated within walking distance from the bay. Vrbovica lies between two other coves, perfect for swimming and sunbathing, Tri Zala & Luka Banja. Walking from Korcula takes about 1 hour and 15-30 minutes. Bikes, scooters and cars can all be hired from the travel agencies in Korcula town. A bus runs a few times a day between Korcula and Racisce, stopping close to Vrbovica Bay, taking 5-10 minutes.


Although a winding drive down to Bacva, this small pebble bay with clear azure waters is one of Korcula’s best beaches. There are just a few houses located in this deep and narrow bay. It is sheltered which provides perfect swimming conditions. Bacva Bay is quite remote so there is no main electricity or water supply, relying instead on solar panels and water cisterns. But this is what makes this location so special and relaxing. There is just a family run restaurant here serving grilled meats and fish. If staying in Bacva, a car is required as there is no public transport and the nearest village is Pupnat, which is 6km away, where there is a supermarket and a restaurant. Korcula is 13km away.


The peaceful bay of Brna is located 4kms from the wine-growing village of Smokvica on the south coast of Korcula. Brna was traditionally built as a port town to ship the popular wine (Posip and Rukotac) from Smokvica, before local people began to build their summer homes in the bay. Today this coastal village caters well for visitors with a few restaurants, supermarkets and cafes. It is also popular with sailors, as the deep bay provides protection for their boats. On the west side of Brna separated by the peninsula Mali Zaglav is the Bay of Istruga, well known for its medicinal mud found on the seabed. As a great day out, take a fish picnic boat-trip over to the Island of Lastovo from Brna; it is one of the easiest places to reach from Korcula. Brna is a popular bay on Korcula and you will find plenty of accommodation options here.


Prizba is a pretty coastal resort located on the west of Korcula Island, approximately 10 kilometres from Blato. Typically here the sea is very clear, blue and as with any beaches and bays on the south shore, the water is very warm. The centre is quite small with an attractive small pebble beach to lounge on, a supermarket and a couple of restaurants/cafe-bars. There are many houses lining the waterfront, usually with secluded swimming and sunbathing areas. Renting an apartment in Prizba, therefore, offers seclusion and tranquillity. As the bay is fairly remote a car would be preferable if staying here. There is no public transport and it is several miles to Blato, the nearest large town.


Zavalatica is a quiet and enclosed bay just 3kms from Cara. Here there are many modern holiday rental apartments with beautiful views of the bay located in close proximity to the sea. There is a basic supermarket in Zavalatica, as well as a couple of good restaurants serving traditional cuisine and cafe-bars. Swimming is possible in the clear waters from stone jetties lining the waterfront or from the nearby beach of Zitna, a short walk from the bay. The area close to Zavalatica, on the way to Cara, is vine-growing land, so there are plenty of opportunities to try the refreshing Posip white wine. Public transport from Korcula or Vela Luka stops only in Cara, so a car would be useful if staying here.


The Defora region is located on the south-east side of Korcula between the villages of Lumbarda and Zrnovo. It includes a number of beautiful beaches such as Rasohatica, Pavja Luka and Orlandusa and is a fantastic place to explore by foot or bike. Over than rental accommodation and the traditional family restaurant Simonuvo, there are no amenities in the area. The village of Zrnovo, where there are a couple of supermarkets and restaurants is about 5-6kms away. Lumbarda, where there are many restaurants and cafes, is about 4-5 kms away. The area is remote so if you are staying here, a car is essential as the nearest public transport stops at Zrnovo or Lumbarda.

Do you plan to stay in and or a visit one of Korcula’s Bays? Which one?

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