What to do in 3 days on Korcula

Have you thought yet about how long you will stay on Korcula Island? There is no average length. Some people come for just a day or a night, others for their 2 week (on longer) holiday. We’d personally recommend, to get the most out of Korcula Island, that you stay for at least 2 or 3 full days. Here we share one idea of an itinerary for 3 days on Korcula. How do you think it sounds? 

Arrival and where to stay

The majority of catamarans arriving at the island arrive late in the evening or in the morning, so tailor our suggested itinerary to that. Check out this post for information about when the catamarans arrive

Our itinerary is based upon you staying in Korcula Town, but you can of course tweak it depending upon where you’ll be staying. 

Day 1: 

Start the day with a coffee and a croissant & watch the world go by. 

Croatians love coffee, but it’s more cultural than that. The cafe is the place where numerous social & business interactions take place. Where you meet your friends or hold a meeting or job interview. So it’s the perfect first stop for a taste of island life. 

Next up it’s time to explore the iconic Korcula old town. The very first glimpse of it when you arrive is truly memorable. 

You can take a guided tour of the old town, but it is small enough to explore on your own. Things you want to include are: 

  • the town museum, where you can see ethnographic collections and learn more about the island
  • St Mark’s Cathedral & the Bell Tower, where you can enjoy amazing views from the top
  • picking up a couple of wonderful homemade souvenirs, such as filigree jewellery (we highly recommend Seba Dizajn) or natural beauty products.

See some more ideas about what to do in and around Korcula Old Town.

Tour of Korcula Old Town

In the afternoon join us on a wine and food tour! You’ll get to taste a variety of delicious produce and meet local producers. Or see more of the island during a wine taster tour and visit a family-run winery in Lumbarda and Smokvica. 

Day 2: 

After a refreshing night’s sleep begin the day with a revitalising session of morning yoga or a swim. I think there is something quite wonderful about swimming in the morning. It is very peaceful, the sea is very calm and far fewer people are around. There are several places to swim in Korcula Town such as Sveti Nikola street and in front of the Old Town walls. 

Following a relaxing morning, it’s time for a bit of activity! Hire a bike and cycle to Lumbarda or Racisce. It is possible to hire bikes for the day from many travel agencies in Korcula Town. Daily rental per bike is around 15 euros. If you’d prefer slightly less pedal-power, up for an e-bike (which will cost more). Pack up a picnic and choose a cycling route. Take a look at our self-guided cycling guide to Lumbarda. It will give you tons of information and tips about the local area. 

Tonight it’s time to sample a traditional dish from Korcula. For us one of our favourite parts of the holiday is eating & drinking, trying new things. Maybe you would like to start with an octopus salad, followed by zrnovski makaruni and end with some tasty traditional pastries such as cukarin. For more ideas about what to eat and drink on the island, buy a copy of our Korcula Guide

Day 3:

Spend the day on the water. Enjoy swimming in the brilliantly clear sea and visit the beautiful archipelago that lies between Korcula Town and Lumbarda. You can hire small boats and kayaks and explore on your own. Or if you prefer a guided option book a boat trip with Mario or a kayaking tour with Spirit of Korcula. 

Enjoy a boat trip on Korcula

End what would have been a truly relaxing day unwinding at a local wine bar. A couple of our favourites include LoLe and Bokar. Here you can choose from a fine selection of local and Croatian wines. And why not order a few snacks to accompany your tastings. 

Korcula Island Guide

Would you like more insider tips and recommendations about Korcula Island? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide packed full of information so that you can plan and enjoy a truly memorable holiday on Korcula. Click here to download your copy.

Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

So how long do you think you’ll spend on Korcula Island? Is there anything you love doing on your holiday? Let us know in the comments below. 

About Author

We are John and Rachael from Korcula Explorer.

2 Brits who fell in love with Korcula and made the island their home in 2010. We run unique and fun wine & food tasting tours on Korcula - both group and private tour options available.

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