Outdoor Activities on Korcula

The terrain and climate provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities on Korcula. For example, you can find fantastic cycling trails to secluded beaches and rocky tracks for hiking. The Adriatic sea also provides the perfect conditions for various water sports and activities.

Although many of these activities can be enjoyed all year round, the best conditions for outdoor activities on Korcula are during the Spring and Autumn months when the weather is temperate.

Walking & Hiking

A total of 60% of Korcula Island is covered by rich forest and there are decent size hills to climb for vantage points. You will find a number of walking and hiking trails zig-zagging through the trees and up and down the mountains. As you walk, keep your eyes peeled and your noses sniffing for wild Mediterranean herbs including rosemary, sage and thyme. This is one of the favourite outdoor activities on Korcula to enjoy!

There are different types of routes and difficulty levels. For example, you can take a gentle stroll through picturesque vineyards or a 12km up and down round trip between Zrnovo to Pupnat.

Some of the more popular or well-known trails are marked. At the start of the trail, you will see official brown signposts. Then along the route, you will find red circles or red/green and white dashes painted onto rocks or on the floor. The walks and hikes can be enjoyed as a self-guided tour or as part of a tour.

You can get free or paid-for maps from the Tourist and Travel Agencies in the main towns and villages.

The following companies offer walking and hiking trips on Korcula:
Korcula Explorer (us!) – as part of our Walking and Wine Tasting Tour
Travel Matters
Vaja Tours
Korcula Outdoor

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Walking on Korcula


The feeling of pedalling along the Korcula coast with a light breeze to keep you cool is exhilarating (easily compensating for the slightly achy derrière the following day!). There are rocky trails if you prefer a mountain bike adventure and asphalted routes and roads for more of a gentle pedal.

Keep in mind that there are not many bike lanes on Korcula Island, so if you are not on an off-road route, you will likely be cycling along with the cars. Locals are becoming more accommodating towards cyclists, but don’t assume you’ll get the right of way!

It is possible to rent bikes by the day from the majority of tourist and travel agencies which are located in the main towns and villages. It is usually around 15 euros a day to rent a bike. Helmets and repair kits should be available to borrow.

You can get free or paid for basic maps from the Tourist and Travel Agencies in the main towns and villages.

The following companies offer cycling tours on Korcula:
Korcula Explorer (us!) – we offer guided cycling tours on Korcula and a self-guided option to Lumbarda
Korcula Outdoor

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The sea surrounding Korcula is typically calm with gentle currents and warm temperatures between May and November. Visibility is excellent which is ideal for diving. There are several dive sites which include walls, caves, shipwrecks and shallow grass areas where you can look out for sea horses or nudibranchs. Many dive sites are just a short boat trip away from the dive centre. Particularly good sites include Boca and Garda.

Dive centres offer lessons for all levels, whether you are brand new to diving or have lots of experience under the water. It is also possible to book dive packages and courses.

The following companies offer diving on Korcula:
Dupin Dive


We often have guests marvel at how clear the sea surrounding Korcula is. You can sometimes walk around the water’s edge and see all the way to the bottom! The sea is also usually very still providing perfect conditions for snorkelling. If you haven’t ever snorkelled before, it would be a perfect time to try it when visiting the island.

Now, the Adriatic Sea is no Coral Reef, so don’t expect a rainbow of colours and to be swimming alongside exotic creatures. However, the warm sea temperatures and the surrounding nature still make for an ideal snorkelling adventure. You can spot starfish, octopus, cuttlefish, sea horses and lots of local fish.

It is possible to buy snorkelling gear from market stalls and tourist shops which can be found in the bigger towns and villages including Vela Luka, Lumbarda and Korcula. You can also hire gear from some tourist and travel agencies.

The following companies offer snorkelling tours on Korcula:
Korcula Explorer (us!) – as part of the Korcula Archipelago Boat Trip
Spirit of Korkyra (as part of a kayaking tour)

Sea Kayaking & SUP

Off the coast of Korcula Island, there are a couple of small archipelagos which provide pleasant conditions for sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). You can find a collection of islands between Korcula Town and Lumbarda and near Prizba. It is also possible to kayak or SUP at some of the deep and sheltered bays such as Pupnatska Luka.

As we’ve already mentioned a few times, the sea is very still, especially in between the islets and sheltered bays. So even if you are new to kayaking or SUP, these calm conditions make it much easier to learn. And if you are experienced, the kayaking and SUP possibilities are still wonderful. There are so many secluded places that you can only explore by sea.

Kayaks and SUPs can be rented through tourist or travel agencies or directly from the beach. Life jackets are available (and recommended) and usually, they have a dry bag you can borrow to store your things.

The following companies offer sea kayaking tours on Korcula:
Spirit of Korkyra
Korcula Outdoor
Active Korcula

The following companies offer SUP tours on Korcula:
Active Korcula
Oreb Sailing School

Kayaking and SUP on Korcula


In between Korcula Island and the Peljesac peninsula, is a long and narrow channel which can get quite windy. This stretch of water is an awesome playground for windsurfers (as well as for people who like to sail).

There are opportunities to kayak from Korcula Town and Lumbarda. You can also take a short boat trip across to the Peljesac mainland and head to the village of Viganj. Here you will find the number 1 place to windsurf in Croatia. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried before as you can book lessons before you head out alone.

You can hire windsurfs from Banja beach in Korcula Town and Prvi Zal beach in Lumbarda. Lifejackets will also be provided. If you are new to windsurfing we would strongly recommend you take some lessons first. We’ve seen on more than one occasion people needing to be rescued as the wind has blown them too far or they can’t get back on the board after falling off!

The following company offers windsurfing lessons on Korcula:
Oreb Sailing School
Korcula Windsurfing School

Korcula Island Guide

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