The Best Time to Visit Korcula Island

If you are in the early stages of planning your holiday to the island, you may be thinking about when is the best time to visit Korcula. Of course, you can visit Korcula Island at any time of the year. However, there are times of the year we would consider better times to visit. This is based upon the climate, accessibility to and from the island, availability and cost of accommodation and amenities and what there is to do when you get here.

Ultimately the decision when to visit to Korcula is your personal choice and no doubt shaped by cost considerations, work or family commitments. Korcula Island offers something throughout the year, so make sure you pick a time when you’re going to get the best experience of the island.

Here are a few factors to think about to help you decide when exactly to come.

Korcula Island Guide

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Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

When is the best time to visit Korcula Island?

The best time to visit Korcula Island is from May to September. The weather will be warm (and very hot in July-August) and you will have plenty of daytime sunlight to explore the island.

What we refer to as the “season” i.e. the time people are actually visiting Korcula Island, is from around Easter to late October. This period is split into a high, mid (shoulder) & low season.

High Season

The high season is July and August. All the restaurants, bars & shops are open and there are events taking place in every town and village. This time of the year is the busiest so expect some crowds at times and at popular spots. Accommodation prices are at the highest and in high demand. You’re going to have to queue to get your ice cream or a table at the popular restaurants…but it’s worth the wait! There are plenty of things to do though and you should have guaranteed great weather!

Mid Season (shoulder season)

Midseason is in June and September. Most of the restaurants, bars & shops are open and prices for accommodation are more reasonable. There may be the odd busier period, but overall there will be fewer people visiting. The event calendar for the island is not so ram-packed but there are still enough things to do. The climate is also very pleasant so it is a nicer time to enjoy active pursuits. If you are not tied to school holidays, this is a really lovely time to visit.

Low Season

The low season is April/May and October. Places are slowly awakening from winter hibernation or beginning to get ready to unwind after the summer! Not all the restaurants, bars and amenities will be open and some accommodation options may be closed. It is much easier to book accommodation at this time of year. There are some key events to enjoy though, such as Easter and it’s an opportunity to view the island without the masses of people. The weather can be a bit more hit-and-miss.

Out of Season

Out of season is all the rest of the time and it is SO different! Yes, the café-bars are open because everyone needs coffee and there are a couple of restaurants open, but there is not much going on in Korcula, except sleeping!

Take a look at some of the locations and places we recommend staying on Korcula Island.

Which season is the best time to visit Korcula

What’s the weather like on Korcula?

Depending upon what you plan to do on your holiday to Korcula, you may prefer to visit during certain climates. Let’s break down what the seasons are like on Korcula.

Summer on Korcula

We’ll start with summer as for many this is their preferred time to travel and for some people, like families, is the only time they can travel.

July and August are by far the hottest months on Korcula, sometimes peaking at 40ºC! If you’re looking for a beach holiday, these are the months to visit, but you will have more people to contend with to get the prime sunbathing spot. It is highly unusual for it to rain during these months. Humidity is usually fairly low but when it does get high, combined with the high temperature, it can be a little unpleasant. Typically the island is cooled in the late afternoon by the refreshing Maestral wind.

June and September are good “all-rounder” months. There will still be plenty of sun, but the heat is not so stifling. It’s definitely warm enough to lie on the beach and swim, but also the temperature is more pleasant to enjoy outdoor activities. There’s more of a chance of rain, especially towards the end of September, but if the rain does fall, it shouldn’t be prolonged.

Spring on Korcula & Autumn on Korcula

We will include Spring & Autumn together as they are fairly similar seasons on Korcula. Neither last that long. It seems to suddenly turn hot and sunny and then cold and rainy!

During the Spring months of April & May and the Autumn months of October & November, you can still enjoy some beautiful sunny weather, but there’s a chance of rain and it’s cooler. These are really good months though for people who like outdoor pursuits such as walking, hiking and cycling.

Winter on Korcula

Outside of these months, the weather is a lot more unsettled. It’s not normally freezing cold, but the chance of rain is fairly high and when the north wind, known locally as the Bura, blows you certainly feel the chill. Although you are certainly likely to witness one of the island’s awesome thunderstorms – if you like that sort of thing!

You can check the weather on Korcula HERE.

Getting to and off the island

This is a very important consideration when planning your trip to Korcula. The availability of public transport throughout the year dramatically changes. You don’t want to get stuck not being able to arrive or not being able to get off (although that wouldn’t be all that bad to get stuck here!!).

Flight options

In the months outside of late April to mid-October, flight options to the airports closest to Korcula (Dubrovnik and Split) are reduced. Low-cost airlines do not fly during the winter months. However during the rest of the year, many national and low-cost airlines fly to several airports in Croatia.

You can check airline options to Croatia HERE.

Public Transport options

There are sea and land/boat connections to Korcula Island from nearby locations Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar and the Peljesac. Throughout the year there are daily connections between these locations. So no worries about being marooned on the island – unless, of course, you want to stay forever!

In the winter months and in the early Spring/late Autumn months there is usually just one option a day, which may not be at the most ideal time for you. You should not have any issues buying tickets however for transportation at this time. Keep in mind as the weather can be bad during these seasons, boat transportation may be reduced or cancelled.

In the summer months and late Spring/early Autumn months, there are many more transportation options. The connecting routes also increase at this time. For example, you can travel between Mljet and Brac and Korcula Island during this time. During the summer there are many more people travelling, so sometimes transport options sell out. It is therefore advisable to buy tickets in advance, which you are usually able to do online.

Our advice – First check the arrival and departure times of the airlines travelling to Dubrovnik and Split. Then make sure those times connect with ongoing transport to/from the island.

For more detailed information about how to travel to/from Korcula and nearby destinations, check out our Korcula Travel FAQs.

Activities & Things to do

Things to do or activities may only be available at certain times of the year due to demand and climate. Restaurants and other such amenities are also affected by the same factors.

Joining a Tour

Many tour and activity providers start in May and finish around October (depending on the tour their offer and the weather).

Our wine-tasting & food tours start in May and will finish early to mid-October. Outside of these months, we are available to run flexible walking or cycling tours.

When is the best time to visit the beach on Korcula

Beaches & Swimming

We think a beach can be enjoyed all year round. Although you probably won’t want to be swimming all year round on Korcula! It’s said the first day of swimming is traditionally on May 1st. Personally, I think it is too cold to swim then! From mid-May, the sea is quite pleasant to swim and you can sometimes swim all the way through to November.

The sea warms up first on the south side of the island. People most enjoy swimming at the shallow sandy beaches in Lumbarda at the start of the swim season.

Read more about some of the beautiful beaches you can visit on Korcula.


Public museums such as the Korcula Town museum open year-round, but in the winter period or low season have reduced opening hours.

Privately owned museums, such as the Marco Polo Exhibition, are closed in the winter and low season, typically opening in late April until October.

Wineries & Local Producers

Wineries and other local producers tend to open in May. Local producers may have periodic closures or reduced hours during harvest time. For example, the wineries harvest in late August/September.

Outdoor Activities

There are always things to do that don’t have opening and closing times such as enjoying a walk through the countryside or taking a bike ride. Activities on the sea, such as kayaking or windsurfing are available in the summer and mid-season months.

Read more about outdoor activities you can enjoy on Korcula.

Eating & Drinking Out

There are many cafe bars, which serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, open all year round on Korcula Island, even in the smaller villages. There are not many restaurants open all year round though as it isn’t very typical for locals to go out to eat. Generally, restaurants and specialised bars e.g. wine bars are located in the more popular destinations such as Korcula Town, open at the beginning of May and stay open until late September.

Learn more about what to eat & drink on Korcula.

When are bars and restaurants open on Korcula

Souvenir Shopping

The souvenir shops on Korcula Island are only open during the main season and mid-season. Supermarkets are open all year round.


Most events are taking place in July and August. For example, places such as Lumbarda offer a full summer program including donkey races and fisherman evenings at this time. However, there are odd events taking place outside of the summer such as the Marco Polo Triathlon in April and the Baroque Music Festival in September.

You can see a full list of events on the local tourist board website.

When you do think you would like to visit Korcula Island? Or even better, when are you planning on visiting?

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About Author

We are John and Rachael from Korcula Explorer.

2 Brits who fell in love with Korcula and made the island their home in 2010. We run unique and fun wine & food tasting tours on Korcula - both group and private tour options available.

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(4) Comments

  1. Nathan

    Hi there,

    We are a group of Canadians coming to Croatia in May of 2024 and really having a hard time trying to figure out our activities and where to stay/for how long.
    We will be in Croatia in May and wondering if you could answer a few questions. We are a family of 5 with kids aged 9,11,13.
    #1) We had read that most islands are very quiet in May…is that true for Korcula?
    #2) We love the outdoors and swimming. We read that mid may swimming is pleasant on your blog but others saying its too cold until mid June. We are used to colder waters but dont want to plan to stay on an island to have a few days for swimming/snorkelling but it being way too cold.
    #3) How many days would you recommend for a family like us to stay on the island? We will be coming from Split then going to Dubrovnik.

    Thanks! We enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. Korcula Explorer

      Hello Nathan. Sorry for the delayed reply – we just saw your message. It may be too late to answer.

      Typically May is still a quieter time on the island, but a lot of the restaurants, amenities, tours/excursions etc are up and running. Activities based upon being in / on the sea may not have started by then (depending on how warm the weather is).

      As to swimming, it’s really going to be a personally choice. We’ve been living on Korcula far too long and have acclimatised to the warmer weather, so we typically don’t swim until June! Last year we swam for the first time at the end of May and it was too cold for us – but not for our now 9 year old son! I see lots of tourists swimming in May and they look to be enjoying it! The warmest water will be on the south side, and specifically the sandy beaches in Lumbarda warm up first due to the shallow waters. You might find snorkelling for too long will be cold. But really it depends upon what you’re used to and also how warm the pre-months are, to be able to heat up the sea.

      We’re obviously massively bias in favour for staying on Korcula for as long as possible! I truly think 3 nights should be a minimum. Other people will disagree, but the experience of going at a slower pace is what the Dalmatian islands are all about. A lot of people visit Korcula Island and only visit the Old Town. It’s charming but there is a lot more to explore on the island – walking, biking, visiting some of the local producers…. Obviously if your main purpose is to spend time in the water, if the weather isn’t so great at this time, you might not want to stay so long on Korcula however.

      I hope this information still can help with your planning and we wish you a fantastic time visiting Korcula. Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂

      Best wishes, Rachael & John

  2. JOHN Cross

    Live in New Zealand, have been to your lovely country just before Covid and were so impressed with your area we have now planned a week in Korcula , mid June 2024.
    Your Explorer site has been proved extreemly valuable to us in our planning that we will get a copy closer to departure from you for use while there.
    Our question is….Will you be producing an updated edition next year before we arrive?
    We are older people and the internet is quite daunting,personal involvement is our thing. Having owned a vineyard over here, wine appreciation is high on our list of things to do and your Tours will be definately done by us.
    We trust you will answer the above and look forward to the benefit of your experiences on Korcula.
    Thanking you in anticipation,………..JOHN & Judy Cross, Nelson N.Z.

    1. Korcula Explorer

      Hello John and Judy. I know we have already been in touch by email. I’ve just seen your comment on the blog, so I’m rather late replying. We should have the guide updated for 2024 soon and it will be available to purchase online. I’ll be in touch when it’s ready. So happy you’ll be returning again to Croatia!

      All the best, Rachael

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