Our Korcula Favourites

In 2020 we celebrated our 10th year anniversary on Korcula! Wow, so many things have happened during this time. We’ve met so many wonderful people and have so many fantastic memories. 

Our Story

In August 2020 we moved from the UK to Korcula. We always knew we wanted to move abroad. We spent several months travelling around Europe by train, with half an eye open of a potential new home! Croatia was still relatively unknown back in 2004, the first time we visited. We didn’t know much about it and we’re just looking forward to visiting. 

I remember to this day, us sitting on the Korcula Old Town wall, looking out to sea, knowing this was the place we were going to move to. It really was love at first sight. 

We visited other parts of Croatia and returned to Korcula before making the decision to move here. After 10 years of being together, we got married the month we moved. It was a pretty mental few months but an awesome way to have a party with all our friends and family before we left!

It was tricky to get information about relocating to Croatia when we came, so we didn’t really have much of a plan! We set up our business and originally worked with local apartments owners helping to rent their properties through our website. In 2013 we decided to transition our business and ran our first ever tour – our Walk & Wine Tasting Tour

As of today, we offer 6 different tours centred around food & drink. We love to eat, drink wine and want to showcase all the amazing produce from the island to visitors. We also work with several local people, who are no longer just work partners, but firm friends. 

Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

Our Korcula Favourites

We usually do a yearly sum-up piece, but as we all know, this year hasn’t been like the previous ones! So I thought I’d share some of our Korcula favourites instead. 


This is actually really tough as so many of the beaches on Korcula are frigging amazing! But if we had to choose a favourite, we’d say Vaja. The colour of the water here is just mesmerising. 

Things to do on Korcula - Visit Vaja beach in Racisce


Fresh ingredients abound across the island so you know you’re always going to get something tasty to eat on Korcula. The one meal we always go out for every year is peka. It’s a traditional dish of meat (or octopus) cooked slowly with potatoes and vegetables under a metal dome-shaped lid. If it’s meat your thing, this is a must-try when visiting the region. 

Way to relax

Korcula = relaxation! You don’t need to try to relax here, you just do. We love to head to the fish market in the morning and pick up something the fishermen caught that morning. Then set up for a bbq at home, of course with some local wine!


There’s only a handful of villages and towns on Korcula. The interior ones such as Cara and Zrnovo are quite different from the coastal ones, such as Lumbarda. So be sure to get a feel of both when visiting. 

We adore Racisce village (tricky one to pronounce). It’s traditionally known as a fisherman village and many boats used to be moored here. It’s incredibly picturesque. There are a couple of places to swim in the centre and you’re in walking distance to Vaja and Samograd. There are also walking and cycling paths around the village. 

Where to stay in Racisce village

Family day

In the winter we enjoy BBQing on the beach! In the summer the little explorer loves to head to the sandy beaches in Lumbarda for sandcastle making and general rolling around in the sand! 


We’re always finding new walking paths and trails on Korcula Island, even after 10 years. A relatively easy walk we enjoy doing as a family is to the nature park Kocje in Zrnovo. Great views on the way and it is fun climbing over the rocks when we get there.


Taking us slightly off the island to the Peljesac mainland for this one. It’s a challenge, but hiking up Sveti Ilija is incredible. The views on the way up of the channel and Korcula Island are simply breathtaking. If you’re looking for something less challenging but which still provides amazing views, walk up to the Monastery of Our Lady of Angels, just above Orebic. 

Bike ride

The little explorer is now fully solo on his bike so we are slowly venturing further and further out with him. Which is fab, as we are quite a bike family! Again heading to the Peljesac we love the ride to Viganj from Orebic. Staying on the island, you can’t beat the ride towards Racisce winding along the coastal ride. 

Time of year

It’s got to be September. The weather is hot, but not sweltering so. The sea is a perfect temperature having been heated by the sun all summer. There are fewer people around so everything feels a bit calmer. The grape harvest is in full swing. Just a really perfect time to be on Korcula Island

We hope you enjoyed reading about our Korcula favourites. Share yours with us in the comments below.

Further Information

Planning a trip to Korcula Island? Head on over to our resources page for lots of helpful tips and information.

About Author

We are John and Rachael from Korcula Explorer.

2 Brits who fell in love with Korcula and made the island their home in 2010. We run unique and fun wine & food tasting tours on Korcula - both group and private tour options available.

Full tour details here: https://www.korculaexplorer.com/tours-korcula/

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