3 things we love…in each Korcula location

There is so much to experience on Korcula Island and so many things to enjoy. Here we share 3 things we love about each of the main towns and villages on the island. 

3 things we love about Racisce:

The amazing beaches of Vaja and Samograd, the view from the top of the hill looking down on the village and its relaxing vibe! ⁠

The stunning Vaja beach in Racisce

3 things we love about Blato

Chilling out in the beautifully peaceful park, sampling delicious homemade products at the Barilo Ethnographic house and taking a short car ride to nearby Prizba.⁠

3 things we love about Vela Luka

The delicious taste of locally produced olive oil, the walk up Hum for amazing views and taking the boat to Proizd islet. ⁠

⁠3 things we love about Smokvica

The delicious Posip wine, the beautiful views over the vineyards out to sea & the magnificent church (Church of the Purification of Our Lady) that sits at the centre of the village. For the size of the village, it’s a very impressive size!⁠

Hillside old stone houses in Smokvica

3 things we love about Cara

The nearby beach Zitna, wandering the village visiting wineries and tasting local wine and the afternoon sunshine that lights up the houses on the hillside. ⁠

3 things we love about Pupnat

The most divine beaches Pupnatska Luka and Bacva, the fantastic walks in the surrounding areas and Konoba Mate. ⁠

3 things we love about Zrnovo

The tasty makaruni pasta, walking to and around Kocje (enjoying the mixture of brilliant greens from the evergreens and greys from the karst rock), the breathtaking beaches and the bays including Rasohatica and Orlandusa in the Defora region. ⁠

Delicious zrnovski makaruni, a traditional dinner from Zrnovo village

3 things we love about Lumbarda

The delicious wine, a unique white wine called Grk which grows almost exclusively in Lumbarda, cycling around the vineyards and joining the donkey racing in the summer!

3 things we love about Korcula Town

Watching the sunset, climbing the Cathedral bell tower to enjoy spectacular views and getting dressed up in fancy dress to celebrate Half New Year on 30 June!⁠⁠

Korcula Island Guide

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Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

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We are John and Rachael from Korcula Explorer.

2 Brits who fell in love with Korcula and made the island their home in 2010. We run unique and fun wine & food tasting tours on Korcula - both group and private tour options available.

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  1. Joye

    The pasta dish lasts oka familiar. Is it the same as my group had at the family restaurant?

    1. Korcula Explorer

      Yes it is! Good spot 🙂

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