Korcula Wildlife in Photos

Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I have always been fascinated by wildlife. Since moving from England to Korcula I have encountered many wonderful animals and creatures I had previously only ever seen on Attenborough –like programmes! Although my new habitat is no Amazon Jungle or Serengeti, I still feel fortunate to come across new things. All be it, some may be considered creepy crawlies, but in their own way they are amazing to behold.

Below I have put together a gallery of some of the Korcula wildlife I have managed to photograph. Missing from these images but on the “to-snap” list are – one of the many pine martens I have seen around the island (known in Croatia as the Kuna), dolphins which we were lucky enough to spot on our crossing to Lastovo from Vela Luka and wild boar (if I am super lucky as have yet to spot any, just seen some tell-tell signs). There are also a few animals across on the mainland Peljesac peninsular. This includes jackal – one of which I recently spotted on the peninsula and mouflon, a type of mountain goat.

Where to find Korcula Wildlife

There are some fantastic walking & cycling opportunities on Korcula Island. So if you also would like to see some of the Korcula wildlife, get out walking and cycling and keep your eyes peeled.

It’s also a fun thing to do with the children, to go on a wildlife hunt on the island.

I feel the need to state that although some of these creatures may look a little mean, anyone holidaying on Korcula is highly unlikely to come across anything that could do them any harm. Like most creatures in the animal kingdom, they tend to stay as far away from human beings as possible. I have met very few people on Korcula that have come across anything of potential harm in their whole lives. I, on the other hand, go looking for interesting things to see… hence my photos!! Enjoy.



Butterflies & Moths

Other Insects

In the Sea


Not Insects!

Korcula Island Guide

Would you like more insider tips and recommendations about Korcula Island? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide packed full of information so that you can plan and enjoy a truly memorable holiday on Korcula. Click here to download your copy.

Ultimate Guide to Korcula Island

Do you like to explore the local wildlife when you are on holiday?

Further Information

Outdoor Activities on Korcula

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