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It s a truly wonderful tour, one of the best we ever had! It is very well organized. You get to see many beautiful places and remote islands. The boat is very nice and spacious, there is plenty of shade. Also there is a little sun deck in the front of the ship for those that like to sun bathe. Lunch provided was so delicious! We had fresh grilled fish, grilled veggies and a salad (all made on board on the attached grill). There are plenty of opportunities to swim and enjoy the amazing views.

The wine tasting was the crown jewel of the trip. We visited the most beautiful winery which is located within the premises of a very expensive and gorgeous hotel. We had plenty of appetizers served with the wines and learned a lot about local wine making. We had a wonderful time!

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We are John and Rachael from Korcula Explorer.

2 Brits who fell in love with Korcula and made the island their home in 2010. We run unique and fun wine & food tasting tours on Korcula - both group and private tour options available.

Full tour details here: https://www.korculaexplorer.com/tours-korcula/

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