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About Zrnovo

Just over a thousand people reside in the four hamlets that make up Zrnovo. These are Prvo Selo, Brdo, Kampus and Postrana. Croatian life is significantly quieter here than in the town of Korcula, with a handful of cafes and traditional restaurants, a few supermarkets and the customary churches. Walking and cycling routes are plentiful, allowing you to explore nature at its best. From secluded coastal bays to hills with unusual rock formations, the village of Zrnovo provides a relaxing retreat during your holiday to Korcula.

Why Stay in Zrnovo?

  • Quiet and rural location but within easy reach of the old town of Korcula by foot, bus or car.
  • Fantastic restaurants serving up traditional Croatian and Dalmatian food such as peka.
  • Proximity to idyllic secluded bays.
  • Nearby Zrnovska Banja and Vrbovica provide fantastic coastal accommodation for your Korcula holiday.
  • If you love to walk or cycle, there are many different trails in and around Zrnovo.

Top 5 Things To Do in Zrnovo

  • Nature lovers will be in their element with numerous cycling and walking trails surrounding Zrnovo, suitable for all abilities. Just pack up a picnic and let your feet or wheels lead the way.
  • Within half an hour walk you will reach the fascinating natural beauty site of Kocje, one of Croatia’s Protected Landscapes. This offers a wonderful walk through, over and around magical rock formations that truly arouse the imagination – great fun for the kids (and the big kids!). Think Lord of the Rings! Enjoy a guided walk here with a picnic lunch.
  • With several traditional and family-run restaurants in Zrnovo, you won’t get hungry. Specialities include slow-cooked lamb, veal or goat meat (peka) and zrnovska makaruni, a local pasta. How about trying peka at a local agrotourism restaurant or have a go at preparing makaruni and of course sampling at a local konoba afterwards?
  • Explore the tranquil Adriatic Sea and marvel at its aqua colours at one of the small pebbled bays located close to Zrnovo in the Defora region on the south coast. Our favourites include Orlandusa, Rasohatica and Pavja Luka. Or travel to the north coast and enjoy swimming and relaxing in the large bay of Zrnovska Banja or the secluded bay of Vrbovica.
  • Walk up to Postrana hamlet and capture the views from St Roch’s church and if you are fortunate enough to be there on 16th August (St Roch’s day), be sure to watch the sword battle dance of Mostra. 

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