About Smokvica

Another one of Korcula’s delightful rustic villages is Smokvica. The population sadly is on the decline and maybe as many as 1000 people still live here. Many locals are involved in wine production or provide holiday accommodation in the nearby bays. There are two small supermarkets and butcher. A short journey south will find you in the two coastal bays of Brna and Istruga, surrounded by pine woods. At Istruga you can bathe in medicinal mud.

Why Stay in Smokvica?

  • Wake up to fantastic views overlooking the vineyards and Adriatic sea whilst staying in private accommodation in Smokvica.
  • Central positioning on the island, so no town or attraction is too far away.
  • In Brna you can find wonderful seaside accommodation. The bay is located a few kilometres from Smokvica.

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Top 5 Things To Do in Smokvica

Wander the old village

As you wander around Smokvica you will zigzag pass olives and grapes and several medieval churches. However, a large modern church constructed in the 1920s sits proudly in the centre on the site of a 17th-century church. This is the Church of the Purification of Our Lady. In its shadows you will find a Baroque Loggia, all which remains of the old Church of Lady of Kandelore.

Enjoy some walking & cycling

There are numerous walking, hiking and cycling trails through the countryside of Smokvica and Brna, particularly enjoyable for guests visiting outside of the hot summer months. The Smokvica and Brna Tourist Board provide helpful downloadable PDFs for Rambling Paths and Bike Trails on their website – http://www.brna.hr.

Go wine tasting

Sample the delicious Pošip wine at one of the many producers in this small village. One of our favourites is the family-run Toreta winery, which has a selection of old tools to help you understand the history of wine production. You can visit a Smokvica winery as part of a Wine Taster Tour or on a guided wine tour with Gaby.

Watch the Kumpanija

The local cultural society in Smokvica continues the long-standing musical and folk traditions of the village. Try to watch a performance of the Kumpanija or listen to some folklore songs and dances. Islanders are natural performers and often sing of love and the homeland.

Swim at Brna

Spend time enjoying the Mediterranean climate in the Bay of Brna. The bay is just four kilometres from Smokvica. This coastal village caters well for visitors with restaurants, cafes and pebble beaches. It is also popular with sailors as the deep bay provides protection for their boats.

The bay has an interesting history. The port was originally built to ship wine from Smokvica. In 1715 Turkish pirates invaded Brna. They captured Don Marko Bono from Zrnovo and 23 residents of Smokvica. It was planned for them to be sold as slaves. Don Marko Bono was sold for 100 sequins. However, he was later brought back by his relatives for the inflated rate of 141 sequins!

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