About Pupnat

With only 600 inhabitants and huddled between hills, Pupnat keeps itself secluded from the more busy parts of Korcula Island. Despite that you will probably pass a group of senior locals sat under the shade of a tree, chatting, having a beer and playing games, rather vocally! The restful way of life here centres around the parish church, a small supermarket and one of the best restaurants on Korcula, Konoba Mate. There are also fantastic small beaches located close to the village, including the popular Pupnatska Luka and Bacva.

Why Stay in Pupnat?

  • Very secluded and quiet, but perfect for those longing for a rural retreat, away from busy city life.  
  • This spot will suit you if you love the great outdoors; Pupnat offers plenty of hiking, walking and cycling opportunities.
  • Note – the bus runs to nearby villages including Korcula, but having a car may be a preferred option.

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Top 5 Things To Do in Pupnat

  • Spend a leisurely day at Pupnatska Luka. The white pebbles and the aqua blue sea reflecting the sun, make this one of the best beaches on the island. Either take some snacks with you or get refreshed at the Konoba Mijo or the small cafe-bar nestled amongst the pines and cacti.
  • Take the incredible winding road down off the main road between Pupnat and Blato and follow it to the end where you will reach the divine bay of Bacva. The views on the drive down are incredible and you will be rewarded at your arrival with azure waters. There is a small restaurant on the beach selling traditional food but no shops, so bring water with you.
  • If you are feeling a little more energetic, you can follow the old trails behind the village leading up towards the highest point, but not quite to the top of Klupca, which will provide you with fantastic views of the surrounding area.
  • Its location on the island makes Pupnat a great starting point for various hikes. For a moderate walk follow the signs to the wonderful fishing village of Racisce.
  • Visit the central parish church, Old Lady of the Snows built in 1620 or take a short walk up to the graveyard church of St George, which was mentioned as early as 1383 in local records. This vantage point also provides views over the village.

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