About Korcula Archipelago

Hundreds of island make up the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Lying just off the coast between Korcula and Lumbarda are 20 of these. This group of small islets is collectively known as the Skoji Islands. You can visit many of these islets in the archipelago during your holiday to Korcula. For a good day trip, pack your towel and swimming costume and take a water taxi from Korcula to Badija, Vrnik or Stupe (or hop between them). Alternatively, join a boat trip or hire a kayak for the day and paddle your way around.

Badija Islet

Badija is the largest of the islets in the Korcula archipelago. Its landmark feature is a Gothic-Rennaisance Franciscan monastery built in the fifteenth-century. The monastery is currently undergoing renovation but is now open to visitors in the summer months. Surrounding the monastery, the islet is covered by a dense forest inhabited by friendly deer that eagerly await your petting and feeding! You are able to walk the full way around the island by the path or up to the old watchtower. However, the main draw has to be the rocky coastline, utilised by sun-worshippers and bathers alike. There is a well presented and reasonably priced restaurant on Badija serving food and drink.

Vrnik Islet

Another delightful spot to get away to is the islet of Vrnik. It is less than half the size of Badija and is famed for the quality of stone quarried here. Although no one lives here year-round any more, there are around 20 houses on the islet, several used as summer retreats. The Capitol building in Washington, US, as well as a number of famous buildings in Europe were built using stone from Vrnik. Attractive white pebbled beaches dot the outside of the islet. The lapping waters will certainly entice you into the sea! There are two small restaurants on Vrnik serving food and drink.

Stupe Islet

Stupe is smaller and slightly further away from the shore-line of Korcula. It has a trendy restaurant and bar and offers some great snorkelling. Rachael learnt how to snorkel here and she loved it. Stupe is a wonderful place to relax and rewind for the day.

How to reach the Korcula Archipelago

Throughout the summer, taxi boats leave from the harbour port in Korcula Town and Lumbarda every half an hour or an hour to Badija, Vrnik and less frequently to Stupe. It is also possible to hire a kayak or boat and take a self-guided trip to one of these remote islands. If you hire a boat you can also reach the islets further out at sea such as Vela Sestrica and Mala Sestrica, where there is a lighthouse on the larger of these two islands (Vela). In Korcula Town and Lumbarda you can hire kayaks and boats.

Or why not book a fun and relaxing half day boat tour around the Korcula archipelago or combine this trip with a fun afternoon tasting wine at a Peljesac winery.

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